Toddlers And Their Common Fears

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Toddlers And Their Common Fears

It is only normal for toddlers to be fearful. Anxiety is a natural condition after all that helps them cope with new challenges and protects from danger. Toddlers are most commonly frightened of certain things like the dark, bugs, vacuum cleaners or dogs. If you look from a broader perspective, some toddlers are even afraid of meeting unfamiliar people or to face new situations. Kids have a tendency of being frightened at this age as they have a higher imagination which makes them terrified of the things. Here are some of the questions raised by worrying parents about kids and their fears.

Toddlers And Their Common Fears
  1.    How can I ease the fear of my child?

Most of the fears of your child fade as he or she begins to feel more secure. It is even better when they are able to differentiate between fantasy and reality. In the meanwhile, you can use the strategies to make your child better manage his fears. It may not happen overnight but may take a few days, months or years for your kid to overcome a fear. Some fears may look irrational for most parents, but for kids, it is a serious one. Avoid smiling or laughing when your child starts looking for monsters in the house. It is important to reassure and comfort your child and make them understand that it is alright to have such fears and not make fun of it.

  1.    What should I watch out for to deal with my child’s fears?

There is a certain amount of anxiety or fear necessary and it’s only normal to find it in toddlers. Some younger kids require additional help to keep far far away so that it is less disturbing. You can consult your child’s doctor to understand the following points.

  •         If your child’s fear is interfering with his normal day to day activities on a regular basis, it can lead to complications. He may not want to go to bed as he may be scared of darkness or insists on staying indoors for the fear of seeing a dog outside.
  •         Your child’s fears may be getting more intense over time and this could be a symptom of a phobia which is basically a persistent fear that is irrational. There may be instances that he is so frightened that it’s almost impossible to calm him down. I had a friend from here that had this problem with his daughter but was able to get help from their doctor.

When you notice the following signs, you should seek the help of a doctor or a therapist.

  1.    What to do if my child is terrified of doctors?

To help your child meet the doctor, it is important to do some role playing activity on what happens when you visit a doctor. You can allow your child to perform the role of the doctor as it can help him feel better. Avoid sharing your own fears in front of your child as it can only worsen the condition. For instance, if you are terrified of dogs, do not express it when your child is around. Pretend that you are okay with dogs and they are not harmful. This way, they will get friendly with dogs and overcome their fear.