My Teenage Son Seems To Be On His Phone Or Laptop All The Time. Is It Healthy?

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Teenagers are seen to be constantly engaging in texting, instant messaging and talking on their phones. It seems to create the world around them and makes them less communicative with their parents. However, the solution does not lie in making them stop communicating or using electronic devices. It is vital for teens to be surrounded by their friends for which networking with them is important and healthy even.

teenagers with laptop

What you can do is look at the big picture and ensures that your child is doing fine in general. For instance, if he or she is doing the chores you ask them to do in the house, is doing well in his or her school and does not run away from family life entirely, then it is simply a normal teenager being surrounded by their real friends, virtually all the time. If you recall, even in the olden times with landline connections, teenagers were found to be on the phone most of the time. Hence, the need to communicate and stay connected with their friends has not changed; technology is giving them more options these days.

What you can do is set some ground rules. Communicate clearly with your child about the excesses of technology and the adverse effects. Explain the sites or the activities online that are not healthy and how they can affect them. You can monitor their sites and be open about it. Set ground rules about not texting or looking at their phone while having dinner. All children want rules that help to define what they should or should not do. Being firm about such principles will help them know the boundaries that lie and what they should not cross.