My Teenage Child Seems To Reject All My Suggestions. How Do I Deal With This?

Teenagers can make it hard for parents. Indeed, many parents might think that their kids will not rebel against them when they reach such years but that is wishful thinking. Teenagers often exhibit different kinds of difficult behavior such as talking back to their parents, staying out later than expected and doing other rebellious things.

Those who are psychiatric experts usually point out that, teenage is a time when kids become hard wired to rebel against what their parents want them to do or suggest. The period of adolescence is usually a time when kids undergo several changes, both in the cognitive sense as well as physically. Teenagers usually distance themselves from their parents at such a time and hire them back, but want them to play a consultative role with them rather than a managerial one.


When you find that your teen daughter who could not sleep without you by your side is now snickering at every suggestion you make, it is a behavioral pattern that you have seen before; as a toddler a child is also rebellious, wanting his or her preferred toy or dress to wear. At teenage the behavior becomes more complex as she might just roll her eyes at you, leaving you feeling exasperated and bewildered.

You need to understand that your teenage child is becoming a separate individual at such a point. They need to reject their parents and what they say and do simply because they need to find their own identities. They also seem to focus more on their friends than to their parents. Even if you feel hurt by their rejection, you need to still be there for them. Adolescents put their parents through an emotional roller coaster that they also feel themselves. You need to stay calm and try and weather this phase of rebellion. It usually stabilizes by the time they reach sixteen or seventeen years of age. However, allowing them to behave, how they wish to should not be at the expense of breaching behavioral standards. If they curse or talk back nastily, that is where you need to be firm. Let them know that, if they cannot say something nice, then they should not report at the first place. Your firmness will lay an example for your kids and help them fall in line, whether they admit it or not.

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