What Is The Pre-Teen Phase?

When children reach the age between 9 and 12, they want very little or merely nothing from parents. Their pre-adolescent is different from what it was a year or two ago. They change physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. This is because they develop a new feeling of independence and want to figure out how far they can push restrictions set by parents. They fail to understand that they need parents as much as ever. When there is a strong relationship between parents and children, especially at this age, there is less room for a disturbed adolescence. However, it is not easy as parents should understand the needs of their children at this age to keep the relationship strong and going. Some of the tips below will help parents cope with the sudden changes in their preteens.

Pre-Teen Phase

Why do I feel dejected when my kids behave a certain way?

It is alright for kids to begin turning away from parents or guardians and depend more on friends. This kind of withdrawal can make some parents feel dejected. They take it too personally as it is the sudden change they see in them. As a parent, you should be wary of extracting information forcefully from your kid. This is the phase when kids really begin to keep secrets and parents with a low level of tolerance for this sudden change may want to know every little thing. They end up being too inquisitive, which can lead to a big disconnect between parents and kids. Therefore, you should take it easy and give adequate space and time so that they open up on their own.

How do I bond with my tween child?

It is most often difficult for pre-teens to talk to their parents openly without hesitation. It is important to dedicate special timings once or twice a week by parents to spend it with their teens. Provide undivided attention without doing other things simultaneously like working on your laptop or texting someone. By doing so, you will improve your relationship and also teach interpersonal skills at the same time. This is going to be useful in the future for your pre-teens. Quality time is the key that creates a good bonding with the kids. Most often parents overlook this as kids don’t show any interest to spend time with them. However, you should continue doing it without any excuses. This crucial tip will help you raise your pre-teens in a better way.

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