I Have Difficulty Connecting With My Teenage Son. How Should I Go About It?

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Most parents find it difficult to handle the progression of a parent-child relationship when the child reaches adolescence. At such a stage in their life, they undergo several cognitive and physical changes. They are developing separate personalities and wish to try out their distinct wishes and ways of life. This brings them in direct conflict with their parents. They wish to try their distinct opinions and that is where they come in conflict. It also arises as a way of refuting what their parents want them to do or how they want them to behave.

It is necessary to insist on certain principles that they need to adhere to. Setting limits on usage of technology, curfew timings to fix when they come back home, contributing to housework and the way they need to behave or responsibilities towards their class assignments are some aspects where ground rules should apply. However, besides that, try and be a friend and wish to know how their day went or simply lend them a year. They wish to be able to confide in someone about what happened in school or their troubles among friends. Simply listen and do not judge unless there is something you feel strongly against. Even then, make your suggestions as a friend rather than a parent whose rules must be followed.

I Have Difficulty Connecting With My Teenage Son.

As teenagers, mostly like to be with friends and think that their parents are not of the same mindset, changing that opinion can go a long way to making your teenage child be close to you. Allow them to vent their emotions, express themselves without fear of being chastised or being lectured to. As your child moves into adolescence he or she needs a friend and that is the approach you should take.