Behavior Problems Of Two Year Old Kids

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When you know that your two-year-old is misbehaving frequently, it’s time to take some action to ensure that it works positively. Some of the common questions raised by parents on the behavioral pattern of their two years old have been discussed below.

  1.    Why does my child get aggressive?

Well, you may be watching your little boy playing in the park and thinking how lucky you are to have him. Then suddenly you find him whacking another child in the face. It may seem shocking to you and you are clueless as to how to react at that very moment. Aggression is very normal and is a part of children’s development. Children at this age have a desire to do things on their own and get impulsive to get physical. Biting and hitting is normal as 2-year-old children are always focused on words ‘mine’ and ‘me’.  Your 2-year-old kid’s behavior may certainly worry and embarrass you as it’s not right to allow him to hurt other kids.  This doesn’t mean that you have raised a bully. You can definitely control his behavior by consistently letting your kid know that such acts are not acceptable. Show your kid different ways of expressing his feelings as this largely helps him to get friendly with others.

  1.    How do I deal with his aggressive behavior?

The best way to deal with such behavior is to respond instantly. Respond as soon as you notice your child is behaving in an aggressive manner. It is best to tell him immediately that he has done something inappropriate. Try removing him from the current situation for a short while may be for a few seconds or minutes. This way, he will understand that if he behaved badly, he would miss out on all the fun.

Two Year Old Kids

When you see your 2-year-old is throwing balls and toys at other kids in the play area, take him out. Make him watch others playing and explain that he can be a part of the fun again if he decides not to hurt anyone. Regardless of how furious you may be on him, avoid yelling, hitting or telling your kid that he is bad. Instead, make him change his behavior as it helps when you learn to control your temper. If you show your bad temper, he will definitely follow your footsteps sooner or later.

  1.    Should I reward him when he behaves well?

Rewarding your kid is as important as telling your kid that he is wrong when he makes a mistake. Avoid paying attention only when he misbehaves and notice his good behavior as well. If he shares his toy with his friends instead of snatching it like always, praise him generously. Tell him that you are so proud to have a son like him. This way, your kid will realize how strong kindness can be. Try to reward him with his favorite toy or snack when he keeps his temper under control.